Chadi El Farran, PhD

Chadi El Farran is a Lebanese national who joined the lab as a Research Fellow. Chadi is interested in deciphering the cell-cell communication patterns that define the fate and function of these cells. He is also keen on studying the epigenetic and transcriptomic changes which are associated with diseases.

Carmen Adriaens, PhD

Carmen is a Research Fellow originally from Belgium. She is intrigued by how nuclear shape contributes to nuclear function and how cells have evolved to regulate the nuclear architecture to define identity in normal physiology and disease.

Tyler Miller, MD, PhD

Ty is a Clinical Pathology resident at MGH and joined the lab as a research fellow in 2019. He studies the tumor microenvironment in glioblastoma to discover novel ways to target tumor cells. He is currently profiling cellular states of both normal and neoplastic cells in glioblastoma tumors to identify ways to harness the immune … Continued

Fadi Najm, PhD

Developing genetic tools and techniques that reveal cancer dependencies. Working towards the goal of therapeutics discovery and clinical implementation.

Sarah Johnstone, MD, PhD

Sarah studies the genome topology and DNA methylation signatures in cancer including liposarcoma, colon cancer, and gynecologic cancer

Sofia Battaglia, PhD

I am interested in developing novel technologies to understand epigenome regulation and its contributions to aberrant gene transcription

Jingyi Wu, PhD

Jingyi joined the lab in 2017. She holds a Damon Runyon fellowship. She is working on several projects including mapping epigenomic heterogeneity in brain tumors, lineage tracing in early embryoid bodies, and epigenetic regulation in the response to immunotherapy.

Gabriel Griffin, MD

Gabriel Griffin earned his undergraduate and medical degrees at Duke University and completed his residency and fellowship training in hematopathology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In his post-doctoral research, Gabe is studying the epigenetic regulation of immune sensitivity in cancer. Gabe is a recipient of the Physician-Scientist Training Award from the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.